Welcome to my blog! This is me:

Just kidding, I am not an artistic rendition of Yayoi Kusama, though I often wish I was.

I look more like this: 20150513_181236

I am actually a current grad student, lost and confused and overwhelmed in the world of academia, who still thoroughly, and unjadedly enjoys learning.

To counter the threat of crushing depression that is an all too real specter in grad student life, I have tried to create outlets for myself, including this blog right here, to devote time to my interests, no matter how random.

This blog actually started when I graduated from college and had more free time on my hands than I knew what to do with. Needless to say that boundlessness wasn’t very conducive to productivity for quite some time. and this blog went through a few different iterations as a result.

I now mostly use this site as a platform to blog on any relatively current events that interest me. Occasionally I write book or film reviews, or detail an art exhibit I’ve recently seen, or try to bring light to an issue that is close to my heart. For instance, you may have noticed a category entitled “100 Beautiful POC.” This is currently home to a special series aimed at increasing visibility of people of color (POC) by highlighting one influential and remarkable person of color every day for 100 days (a project inspired by some super-rad friends of mine).

Besides blogging, I also use this site as a host for my portfolio of material published elsewhere online. Accordingly, the section entitled “Portfolio” is a collection of essays and articles that I have written for other sites or journals.

So take a look around, I hope you find something of interest 😊


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