The Evolution of Salafism: A History of Salafi Doctrines

  Al Noor

An excerpt from my Bachelor’s thesis, this essay, published in Boston College’s Al Noor Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies examines the history and evolution of Salafi doctrine stemming from the earliest emergence of what can today be called Salafi strains of thought.

This essay appeared in the Fall 2015 issue (Vol. 9, Issue 1) of the Al Noor Journal and takes a nuanced and detailed look at what the origins of this Islamist school of thought and what it means to be a Salafi. This topic is especially pertinent today as more and more groups and political parties identify as salafiyya. By investigating the various beliefs and branches of Salafism and attempting to explore how they have diverged and converged in interesting ways throughout history, I believe we can better understand them in the present.

You can read the article in full here: ‘The Evolution of Salafism,’ and peruse the entire issue here: Al Noor Journal Volume 9, Issue 1.


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