100 Beautiful POC – Day 43

Jidenna Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, known simply as Jidenna, is a Nigerian-American recording artist and former history teacher, currently signed to Janelle Monáe’s label Wondaland Records. You probably heard his single “Classic Man” last summer, which was released as part of Wondaland’s compilation EP, The Eephus in 2015 and even received a Grammy nomination for best … Continue reading 100 Beautiful POC – Day 43


100 Beautiful POC – Day 42

Olivia Park and Esther Fan Oliva Park and Esther Fan are students in graphic design at RISD as well as the founders of the art collective ‘Sad Asian Girls Club.’ “Frustrated by the tired stereotyping and ignorant assumptions made about their Asian heritage, the graphic design duo decided to join forces and change the narrative,” in … Continue reading 100 Beautiful POC – Day 42