100 Beautiful POC – Day 35


[35] Santigold_3Santigold is the stage name of musical artist Santi White, a singer, songwriter, and music producer who has released three studio albums. Her debut album, Santogold (2008), was a genre-blending array of global pop songs, a battle-cry for the creative underclass. It was “an album of polyglot pop that drew from West Indian street parties, London’s dimmest dance clubs, and the garage-glam rock of the Lower East Side.”

She recently released her third studio album: 99¢ (2016), in February. It succeeds her darker sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe (2012), which “addressed commercial pop music’s increasingly bland direction with stylishly righteous…rage and establishes a markedly different sound. Moving away from her past works, Santigold has created “a sunshine-bright pop album, shaded with biting commentary on consumerism and the price of art.” Engaging with topics like consumerism and narcissism, Santigold told Rolling Stone in an interview that she chose to highlight their absurdity. Playing with the notion of hyperconsumption, she presents herself as the product, shrink-wrapped like a Barbie doll on sale in a bargain bin, while simultaneously making “a statement about how each of us commodifies our image and namesake into a manicured, marketable brand, suitable for consumption.”

Regardless of the tone she chooses to take, however, Santigold’s songs are always “defined by cutting-edge beats and globe-spanning influences.” An innovator at the forefront of pop music, she demonstrates that “she’s at her best and most comfortable when she’s pushing toward something unexpected.”

Listen to her album 99¢ on Spotify here.


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