100 Beautiful POC – Day 35

Santigold Santigold is the stage name of musical artist Santi White, a singer, songwriter, and music producer who has released three studio albums. Her debut album, Santogold (2008), was a genre-blending array of global pop songs, a battle-cry for the creative underclass. It was “an album of polyglot pop that drew from West Indian street … Continue reading 100 Beautiful POC – Day 35


100 Beautiful POC – Day 34

Smadar Lavie Smadar Lavie is an American-Israeli anthropologist, author, and activist. Throughout her academic career, the Israeli-born Lavie has specialized in the anthropology of Egypt, Israel, and Palestine, with special focus on issues of race, gender, and religion. Her award-winning Ph.D. dissertation eventually became her first book, The Poetics of Military Occupation (1990), which explores … Continue reading 100 Beautiful POC – Day 34

100 Beautiful POC – Day 33

Denice Frohman “Denice Frohman is an award-winning poet, educator, and lyricist, whose work explores the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and the ‘in-betweeness’ that exists in all of us.” Originally from New York, Frohman has traversed the U.S., speaking and performing at “hundreds of colleges, K-12 schools, community spaces, and conferences...from TedxPhilly to the Youth … Continue reading 100 Beautiful POC – Day 33