100 Beautiful POC – Day 13

Fred Mezidor

[13] Fred MezidorFred Mezidor is an up and coming fashion designer and video artist. A student in apparel design at RISD, he recently presented his senior thesis collection. Entitled ‘STRANGEfruit’, his thesis is a contemporary ‘menswear’ collection, although the silhouettes are really designed to suit men and women, which embodies the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s a commentary on the long-standing tendency by celebrities and fashion designers to exploit black culture, without properly giving credit to black artists and innovators, and aims to answer the question: “What does fashion look like when we appropriate ALL of black culture?

He is also an outspoken advocate of Black Lives Matter, frequently penning astute social commentaries on racism, white privilege, and black excellence on social media. In October 2015, he wrote a poignant Op-Ed piece on privilege, oppression, and free speech, published by bluestockings magazine. And in 2014 he created the video art piece HERSHEYPARK, “an exploration of the black body as a landscape.”   

Fred is a true artist with a clear vision and a story to tell. He’s been my friend for almost 11 years now and I wish him all the best today as reaches the end of his undergrad career and becomes a full-fledged designer 😍😄 


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