100 Beautiful POC – Day 7


[7] AristophanesHailing from Taiwan, Aristophanes teaches creative writing and English to kids by day and by night she’s a killer MC. She’s mostly a staple of the hip hop scene in Taipei, but she’s also collaborated with artists from the U.S. (Magic Nana and Dink), Japan (Lidly) and France (Khyro, Arkadaiusz, and Chco), and is featured on a track (Scream) off of Grimes’ most recent album: Art Angels.

When asked (by Grimes) about her experience of being a a female rapper in Taipei, Aristophanes responded:I think being female is sometimes so weird…Sometimes at my gigs, the male MCs and producers will say, ‘That’s not rap; that’s not hip-hop.’ Maybe because they’re judging my skill. I can’t feel very comfortable hanging out with them, so I just stay in my home and spend more time on music.

And that certainly hasn’t seemed to slow her down as she has become especially well-known for her lyrical creativity and profundity, weaving together in her rap lyrics “her own interpretations of classical Chinese tales, references to Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, explorations of democracy and capitalism, as well as thoughts on new life being brought into the world.” Her musical style as well does not seem easily encompassed by only one genre as she fuses together elements hip hop, slam poetry and electronica in her music.  

Check out her awesome soundcloud page for more music, the songs are crazy cool: https://soundcloud.com/aristophanesmusic


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