100 Beautiful POC – Day 5

Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Si[5] Jus Reignngh is an actor and YouTube star known where is known as Jus Reign. In my opinion he is definitely one of the funniest people on YouTube and Vine, but clearly I’m not alone thinking that as he has 715,226 subscribers and 104,555,149 views on YouTube and 1.3 million followers on Vine with his vines having received nearly a billion loops! In 2015, Jus Reign was even named YouTuber of the year by Toronto-based digital media specialists, nextMEDIA.

For every first-generation kid out there who grew up with immigrant parents, Jus Reign’s comedy will hit close to home for you. He tackles issues from racism, to the immigrant struggle, and cultural stereotypes in a manner that’s both poignant and bitingly hilarious.

Earlier this year he was in the news after he was forced to remove his turban by TSA agents at the San Francisco airport, an incident he also vlogged about on his channel. Through his vlog, Singh attempted to educate people on the underlying issues of asking Sikh men to remove their turbans in public or without providing the proper accommodations to put their turbans back on, relating his singular experience to the broader trend of Sikhs and Hijabi women being singled out and asked to remove their religious head coverings and why it’s problematic.

His commentaries on race and pop culture are effortlessly funny and relatable, garnering him such massive followings on social media that he’s even broken out into feature films. For a brief but excellent intro to his videos I would recommend: ‘Shit White Guys Say to Brown Guys


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