100 Beautiful POC – Day 4

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Jean Shinoda Bolen is a psychiatrist, author, Jungian analyst, and activist. A former professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, Ms. Bolen is currently a psychiatrist in private practice as well as “a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (A[4] Jean Shinoda BolenPA) and recipient of the Institute for Health and Healing’s “Pioneers in Art, Science, and the Soul of Healing Award.’”

As the author of over 13 books, she has devoted special attention to women’s issues within the greater sphere of psychology. An ardent feminist, she has not only focused a great deal of her work on the role of women, but also continues to champion for a 5th World Conference on Women to take place in 2020 in India. She has also been featured in the acclaimed documentaries: “Women – For America, For the World,” an Academy-Award winning film on nuclear non-proliferation, the Canadian Film Board’s “Goddess Remembered” on the goddess movement of the 1970s, and “Femme: Women Healing the World.”

Through her work, Ms. Bolen has also continuously sought to (re)incorporate notions of spirituality and equality into a deeper understanding of psychology today. She has laid special emphasis on the question of meaning and the need for a spiritual dimension in life, while still acknowledging the force of the Jungian archetypes and family cultures in forming our unique identities. In her field she has paved the way for exploring and understanding specifically feminine archetypes and how they manifest in both women and men, simultaneously highlighting and shattering the narrow stereotypes imposed upon women through cultural norms. “She shows that shedding the inherited, cultural stories and discovering more personally authentic myths to guide our lives is part of the most natural journey of liberation and individuation.”



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