100 Beautiful POC – Day 13

Fred Mezidor Fred Mezidor is an up and coming fashion designer and video artist. A student in apparel design at RISD, he recently presented his senior thesis collection. Entitled ‘STRANGEfruit’, his thesis is a contemporary ‘menswear’ collection, although the silhouettes are really designed to suit men and women, which embodies the spirit of the Black Lives Matter … Continue reading 100 Beautiful POC – Day 13


Israel Unveiled

A Review of Goliath by Max Blumenthal Although the state would like the international public to believe it embodies the underdog “David” archetype from the “David and Goliath” trope, constantly under attack from a savage and massive enemy, in reality Israel’s state policies towards minorities and rampant racism and xenophobia position it as the overbearing and tyrannical … Continue reading Israel Unveiled